I want my Wearable Computing now .. not 2030!

Hopefully wearable computing won’t go down the road of Smart TVs with many false starts, crackpot features that really are not that useful and companies blitzing the path for others to have to walk or fall over.

Google has already come under extreme critisism for Google Glass regarding privacy and the media has already termed users “Glassholes”. Great start, I think not. Maybe the introduction of Android Wear is an attempt to re-market the concepts and the goals.

There is will to move forward with Facebook recently buying Occulus Rift for a humungous $2 billion. Microsoft is also looking buying wearble ip rights , for much lower sums of $150 million from the The Osterhout Design Group. But there are questions as to whether these companies really are best aligned to deliver. Do we need entrepreneurs or intrapreneurs.

Consistancy seems to be the key to crack the wearable computing problem otherwise developers will be back to the days pre-smartphones and OS where supporting all types of hardware was extremely onerous …not to say its not now, but its getting better.

Fingers crossed for 2015 !