IBM LotusLive – social networking and collaboration for smarter workers.

Well…. it is IBM’s online social networking and collaboration suite that is helping businesses work smarter. That’s part of the tagline. However , its the people that make business smarter and for your average user this means:

  • Not emailing those large documents, but sharing it out to people in Files. They can even share with people outside of your company as well by sending guest invites for sharing purposes
  • Tagging documents so they can find it later or other people in my company can.
  • Building Activities with their colleagues who may be working on another continent or who just happen to be working from home that day.
  • Creating Communities around a project proposal, a yearly budget or business energy savings.

Wrap all this with online meetings and email and you have something that makes any worker work smarter. Try LotusLive …

Author: Andrew Penrose

IBM STSM, AI Applications Member, IBM Academy of Technology. IBM Master Inventor.

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