Robotic Dog from Boston Dynamics

Spot the four legged robot dog from Boston Dynamics ! This just blows me away ! It’s ability to balance itself and navigate obstacles is just like the real thing.

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IBM Verse Advert 2015!

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Working at the IBM Ireland Software Lab

We are hiring so check out what its like to work at the IBM Ireland Software Lab  ! Lots of technologies, challenges and lots of great people !

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I want my Wearable Computing now .. not 2030!

Hopefully wearable computing won’t go down the road of Smart TVs with many false starts, crackpot features that really are not that useful and companies blitzing the path for others to have to walk or fall over.

Google has already come under extreme critisism for Google Glass regarding privacy and the media has already termed users “Glassholes”. Great start, I think not. Maybe the introduction of Android Wear is an attempt to re-market the concepts and the goals.

There is will to move forward with Facebook recently buying Occulus Rift for a humungous $2 billion. Microsoft is also looking buying wearble ip rights , for much lower sums of $150 million from the The Osterhout Design Group. But there are questions as to whether these companies really are best aligned to deliver. Do we need entrepreneurs or intrapreneurs.

Consistancy seems to be the key to crack the wearable computing problem otherwise developers will be back to the days pre-smartphones and OS where supporting all types of hardware was extremely onerous …not to say its not now, but its getting better.

Fingers crossed for 2015 !


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Facebook creates its own hardware for its own datacenters !

Great article on how Facebook is not buying from HP, Lenova or the like but instead creating its own hardware sleds in its labs . It has 5 different server variants and can pull them as it chooses , as well as making corrections without having to pull full servers.

For the open hardware movement , especially in Asia, this is their research work done for them !

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IBM Connect 2014 Conference in Florida starts today !

View the Connect 2014 Live stream :

Connect 2014 will feature an outstanding line-up of speakers and keynotes from the media and business sector, including:


Scott Adams

“Dilbert” creator Scott Adams to speak at IBM Connect 2014
Scott Adams, creator of the world renowned “Dilbert” comic strip, takes center stage at IBM Connect 2014 in Orlando on Tuesday, January 28. Using his book, How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big, as a backdrop, Adams will illustrate how his failures contributed to his success. You don’t want to miss his inspiring story – how he’s energizing his life’s work and delivering better business outcomes. Register today.


Mark Fidelman, Forbes

Named a 2013 Huffington Post Top 50 Most Social CEO, Mark applies both his Fortune 500 and start-up expertise in revenue generation, marketing and business strategy to produce the highest possible ROI at the lowest cost basis.

Mark is a recognized expert in creating sales and marketing machines leveraging his experience with Freemium and Open Source business models. He has worked in the software and technology space for over 20 years with organizations such as A.T. Kearney, EDS, CT Space, and Autodesk. Mark authors the ‘SOCIALIZED AND MOBILIZED’ column on Forbes, and is the author of the book ‘Socialized!: How the Most Successful Businesses Harness the Power of Social’.


Beverly Macy, Huffington Post

Beverly is an educator, author, speaker, and thought-leader in marketing strategy and the power of social media. Her focus is on how real-time social media, global branding, big data/mobile/cloud computing is affecting communications and business trends today. She is the author of ‘The Power of Real-Time Social Media Marketing’ and she contributes regularly to The Huffington Post and hosts the Social Media Radio Show on BlogTalkRadio’s Tavis Smiley Network.


Clarissa Felts, Lowes

Clarissa Felts is responsible for driving diversity of thought through collaboration and strategic alliances, and implementing a strategy for diversity and inclusion that impacts talent, suppliers, community and customers across markets. Previously, Felts was responsible for leading a cross-functional team delivering collaborative technology, enterprise content management and seamless workspace to Lowe’s workforce.

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IBM Social Business Toolkit SDK  Allows you to integrate widgets and use the apis from IBM Connecitons installatons and the IBM SmartCloud.

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IBM Connections 4.5 new features

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Sandy Carter talks about IBM Connection 2013 – Check out the IBM YouTube channel at IBMSocialBiz

IBM YouTube channel , IBMSocial Biz :

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IBM Connections 4.0 Released

Check out some articles about the release of IBM’s enterprise level social collaboration platform. talks about IBMs continued social enterprise push in IBM Connections 4.0 :

Mark Fidelman from Forbes details why IBM Connections 4.0 is part of the next generation enterprise :

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