IBM LotusLive – social networking and collaboration for smarter workers.

Well…. it is IBM’s online social networking and collaboration suite that is helping businesses work smarter. That’s part of the tagline. However , its the people that make business smarter and for your average user this means:

  • Not emailing those large documents, but sharing it out to people in Files. They can even share with people outside of your company as well by sending guest invites for sharing purposes
  • Tagging documents so they can find it later or other people in my company can.
  • Building Activities with their colleagues who may be working on another continent or who just happen to be working from home that day.
  • Creating Communities around a project proposal, a yearly budget or business energy savings.

Wrap all this with online meetings and email and you have something that makes any worker work smarter. Try LotusLive …

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IBM Connections 3.0.1 – “whats new” update

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Who coined the term Social Media?

Tina Sharkley of claims that she is one of the first to use the term “Social Media”. She bought the domain in 1999. However as a past employee of AOL, her colleagues there, an AOL execiutive Ted Leonsis and founder Steve Case says there were using the term when talking about AOL instant messenger.

In May 1995 however, Darrell Berry ( twitter ) wrote a paper on Social Media Spaces before the internet had evolved into what it is now.  Back in the days “cybercafes” were popping up all over the place, the mix of internet and video conferencing matched with the social experience of a cafe made for these “social media spaces”.  It was these concepts of “spaces” that can really be seen as the forerunners to our current set of technologies, especially the massive uptake of mobile in recent years.

So he not only talked about social media but also about augmented reality which is something that we now see in the mobile arena in the form of apps like Wikitude World Browser and Acrossair Nearest Tube.

Excerpt below:

Augmented Reality

Strict adherence to the principle of spatial isomorphism implies a one-to-one mapping between real and virtual objects and spaces. However, the desire to create fictional virtual spaces still remains. Where then are we to build invisible cities, when there is no real location to map them against (assuming the desire to preserve the connectedness and continuity of real-space geography)?

One solution, and that adopted (with a variation) in the Ku 24 project, is to build virtual space which overlays unused real space; thus a virtual library (containing texts which have no physical counterparts) may be located in cyberspace in the purely virtual sub-basement or topmost floor of a real library itself represented as a hybrid reality; or an entire virtual community situated over a desert or under the sea, creating an augmented reality.

Such strategies extend the hybrid reality, without compromising the principle of spatial isomorphism of extant social space (whether it is worth preserving the characteristics of non-social space is open to question…is real desert more valuable or interesting mapped to virtual desert, or to a virtual cinema?)

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The growth of Mobile : stats and figures

This is a great video on the growth of mobile since the earliest communications right through to the current operating systems. I particularly love the price of the brick phone in 1973 when inflation is accounted for , cost nearly 20K dollars…….

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Check out the “IBM Ireland Network” Blog

Keep up to date with the latest news, views, and thought leadership.

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IBM Lotus Connections 3.0 Video Demo

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List of upcoming events in Ireland: Startup, Developer & Digital Media

Thanks to Paddy Cosgrave

Events This Week
March 29 – Digital Education Symposium
March 29 – Google Technology Meeting
March 30 – IBM Global Entrepreneur Meeting
March 30 – Digital Media & Marketing Summit

Events Next Week
April 06 – Kinected Technologies Evening with Microsoft
April 06 – DERI Open Day


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Apple iPad 2 arrives in Dublin stores

Check out the Apple iPad 2 review from the guys at The Register

“Despite the economic downturn, Apple retailers in Ireland sold out of iPad 2 consoles within an hour of the tablet’s launch last Friday evening. In Dublin’s Grafton Street, a queue of over 300 people waited several hour s to buy the touchscreen gadget in CompuB, one of only two shops in Dublin’s city centre to sell the tablet device.”-  Sunday Business Post


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Social Media for Business

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Facebook for work

IBM knows social networking isn’t just for fun—it can also make companies much more efficient.

Read the full article here on Technology Review…

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