IBM Watson Decision Platform for Agriculture

Agriculture, a $2.4 trillion industry, is a foundation of economies worldwide. Factors such as climate change, population growth and food security concerns have propelled the industry into seeking more innovative approaches to protecting and improving crop yield. As a result, artificial intelligence is steadily emerging as part of the industry’s technological evolution.

Together with IBM Watson and The Weather Company, teams from IBM Research-Braziland IBM Research-India designed and built a suite of agribusiness tools and solutions to help the agriculture industry use the power of AI to make more informed decisions about their crops – the Watson Decision Platform for Agriculture.

Underpinning the platform, IBM PAIRS GEOSCOPE processes some of the satellite data and serves as storage component in the current system architecture. By aggregating and analyzing terabytes of multi-layer geospatial data using machine learning and advanced analytics, PAIRS allows us to store and run queries on the geo-referenced data.

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Artificial Intelligence is the New Electricity.

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Great blog on artifical intelligence and how we are more quickly now than ever on the edge of technological breakthroughs.

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Helicopter with insect like robotic landing gear.

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IBM Watson Healthcare new office in Cambridge

CAMBRIDGE, MA – 10 Sep 2015: Opening its new IBM Watson Health global headquarters in Cambridge, Mass., IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced that Deborah DiSanzo is joining the company as the business unit’s General Manager, introduced a pair of newcloud services, and revealed major new partnerships — all reflecting IBM’s commitment to helping advance the quality of health globally.

Who is Deborah DiSanzo?
Ms. DiSanzo has more than 30 years of experience working at the intersection of healthcare and technology. She served as Chief Executive Officer for Philips Healthcare from 2012 to 2014. She served as the Chief Executive Officer of Philips Medical Systems International B.V. at Koninklijke Philips N.V. since May 2012 and served as its Executive Vice President. She served as Chief Executive Officer of Patient Care and Clinical Informatics (PCCI) and Chief Executive Officer of Healthcare Informatics and Patient Monitoring. She served as General Manager of Cardiac Systems and senior vice president at Philips Medical Systems International B.V. from 2008 to 2012. Prior to, she served as Vice President and General Manager of Philips Medical Systems International B.V. and held various leadership positions. She also served as Senior Vice President and General Manager of Philips Patient Monitoring business, and held a variety of management positions in Cardiac Care, Cardiac Resuscitation, and Healthcare Information Management businesses. She served as Vice President and General Manager at Philips Medical Systems North America Inc. She joined Philips in 2001 when Philips acquired Agilent’s Healthcare Solutions Group. She has been a Director of ReWalk Robotics Ltd. since September 16, 2015. She was inducted into the Babson Alumni Entrepreneur Hall of Fame. She received her B.S. from Merrimack College. Ms. DiSanzo holds a Master’s of Business Administration from Babson College, Wellesley, Massachusetts.

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Robotic Dog from Boston Dynamics

Spot the four legged robot dog from Boston Dynamics ! This just blows me away ! It’s ability to balance itself and navigate obstacles is just like the real thing.

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IBM Verse Advert 2015!

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Working at the IBM Ireland Software Lab

We are hiring so check out what its like to work at the IBM Ireland Software Lab  ! Lots of technologies, challenges and lots of great people !

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I want my Wearable Computing now .. not 2030!

Hopefully wearable computing won’t go down the road of Smart TVs with many false starts, crackpot features that really are not that useful and companies blitzing the path for others to have to walk or fall over.

Google has already come under extreme critisism for Google Glass regarding privacy and the media has already termed users “Glassholes”. Great start, I think not. Maybe the introduction of Android Wear is an attempt to re-market the concepts and the goals.

There is will to move forward with Facebook recently buying Occulus Rift for a humungous $2 billion. Microsoft is also looking buying wearble ip rights , for much lower sums of $150 million from the The Osterhout Design Group. But there are questions as to whether these companies really are best aligned to deliver. Do we need entrepreneurs or intrapreneurs.

Consistancy seems to be the key to crack the wearable computing problem otherwise developers will be back to the days pre-smartphones and OS where supporting all types of hardware was extremely onerous …not to say its not now, but its getting better.

Fingers crossed for 2015 !


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Facebook creates its own hardware for its own datacenters !

Great article on how Facebook is not buying from HP, Lenova or the like but instead creating its own hardware sleds in its labs . It has 5 different server variants and can pull them as it chooses , as well as making corrections without having to pull full servers.

For the open hardware movement , especially in Asia, this is their research work done for them !

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